The OT (Orange Tree)

Written about 3 weeks ago, just never got around to posting it. ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Is it too late now to say sorry? dah dah dah daaa ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

I keep apologising to you all on my reoccurring absent weekly post. Okay here’s my vital explanation….I have changed routines AGAIN ! Gosh do I ever stop. Leaving Ireland was a bittersweet feeling. On one hand it was a nice three weeks of living on the edge contemplating my financial situation. Fortunately everything worked out as whilst I was working at the B&B as I received an email stating I had a full-time job back in England working as a waitress- if I wanted it… um of course!

This led me to book the next flight out of Shannon airport -> to land (unfortunately) back in Birmingham ONCE AGAIN. I spent the night in Henley-in-arden and had a few too many drinks with the crew from one of the local pubs there. In my head I had viewed this extent of drinking as a catch up for the weeks in Ireland I couldn’t drink due to taking antibiotics.

I arrived to my new work/living quarters, met my lovely room mate Gemma (Her blog is here… FIND YOUR WORLD) and did my best to settle into my room (which is nor chic or too shabby either… It will have to do for now). I sat down to relax on my bed which initiated the middle slates to collapse from underneath me. We laughed so hard!

“Welcome to The Orange Tree!” My room mate Gemma sarcastically said to me in a broken manner. She was laughing to hard to speak properly. She’s great to have a laugh with as she happens to come from my part of the woods, Brisbane. We have since exchange stories of our travels and hope to make a mini trip somewhere whilst I am here.

Despite the long hours and limited personal time away from the live in members/staff (9 of us living here in this historical building together), we are pretty much all like a little family. I’ve only been here two weeks so far but I would like to think that I have adjusted quite well into the routine of it all. Knowing that it is a temporary stay helps me with the long hours. It’s the idea of not only earning much needed hospitality experience but also being able to witness what an English winter is like.

“For a change of scenery!”  I’d say to customers who question why I traded my Australian Summer for this increasing weather nightmare. A change of scenery alright- I’ve done a complete 180!


  • In people – particularly relationships with males/females
  • In materialistic items (things that will fade)
  • In the ways of the world… i.e the things that are always like that, have always been that way- but do not necessarily stay that way.
  • Temporary pleasures (could also be linked to no.2)
  • Achievements – study or work
  • Hobbies, Interests and Inspirations – travel.

Why is it a bad thing?

I mean, it necessarily isn’t a bad thing to have these things in your life. It only becomes toxic when they add a dimension to your character which allows them to control your emotions, therefore dictating your happiness.

I often hear couples telling each other that they feel as if the world is muted when they are together. That each others happiness is drawn from how they are together. If that makes sense?

Is this a healthy thing? 

To be quite honest with you, I’m not sure. I hate the idea of having the responsibility of carrying my significant others ‘happiness’ on my shoulders. Pushing those tree roots deeper into the dirt. To me, it feels unrealistic to hold the weight of another’s emotions on top of your own.

Why do I feel this way? 

Because I’ve tried it. I’ve tried holding the weight of someone’s happiness. I’ve tried with every inch of my being to help them remain happy. But in the end, it comes down to their personal decision; dragging you under the dirt with them doesn’t help any of you.

I think our happiness starts from the small things in life which are often missed.

Yes, I did get excited when I purchased a £2.50 white fitted sheet for my new single bed.

Yes, I did get excited when I looked out the window on the London Midland train into Stratford-upon-avon at all the Autumn leaves falling from the trees. Realising that if I wasn’t alive today I would have missed it.

Yes, I got excited when my mum told me she was so proud of me and all I had accomplished this year.

THINGS I’VE LEARNT SO FAR – About Warwickshire area 

No 1: The weather is unpredictable but ALWAYS take a jacket with you. As though you are a kid and your mother is chasing after you as you leave the house…. “Sonny Jim make sure you take a coat with you, you won’t want to catch a cold!” And do you take a coat with you? No. And do you catch a cold the very next day? Yes. 

No 2: You won’t stop hearing them saying “To be fair..’  or “Hiya!” in a school girl high pitched voice.  This will become a greeting in which sounds like a broken record in your head.

No 3: They will say “half-10” instead of ten- thirty. It will make you question how well you understand the clock.

I’ll leave you with this quote:

Don’t be obsessed with getting more material things. Be relaxed with what you have. – Unknown

Lots of Love forever.

Ell xx

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