Maybe it’s when you notice the cicadas singing their favourite greeting song for you. Or the wind as it calmly sweeps through the field of olive trees. Maybe it’s when your body hits the water for the first time after driving across the island in a hot car all day. Or it’s the way you can remain content sitting outside at night (even though the mosquito’s are attacking your face) with a glass of red writing this post. Solitude is found everywhere. But not everyone understands the solitude of being alone.

If you haven’t already read my post of returning back to Kythira than you must.

I love travelling alone. I could go through a list of pro’s and con’s of travelling solo on this blog. However, instead I’ve collaborated with Story Board Social and have them written HERE. 

It’s true though. I really love it. I definitely think that you can benefit greatly from having friends around you. But honestly, once you accept the solitude of being alone there really is no going back.





Today I must accept that because I just said goodbye to my mother and aunty as they adventure back to Australia. We spent a wonderful week together basking in the glory of Kythira. It was time that they left after being here for over 6 weeks.

I’m happy to be alone again as it gives me the opportunity to create my own experience of these next two weeks.

Being alone helps you to find the stillness in life. If there’s anyone who knows what chaos is than it’s the Greeks. However, instead they know exactly how to spend all day at the beach or outside a cafenion drinking coffee. It’s important to find yourself falling back into these basic pleasures of a life outside the chaos. Honestly, last year when I came here it took me 5 weeks to find this peace. It was pretty much time to leave by the time I had found it.

So I won’t let it get to that point this time.

Until I’m inspired again to inspire you,





P.s I’m not really alone if I have a goat behind me, hey?

P.p.s I still haven’t found a nice Greek boy (who isn’t related to me)




Images from top to bottom:

  1. Sitting in solitude at fresh water springs in Karavas (side note: I REALLY want to explore more of this town)
  2. Outside the cafenion in Karavas my friend’s family own
  3. Karavas house ruins
  4. Same as 2.
  5. Mum, Aunty and I before heading out on the Glass bottom boat
  6. My friend for now, Mr Goat.
  7. Mr Goat revealing his bluesteel look
  8. Mum and I. Love her so much.

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