Think before you speak…otherwise you have a lot of explaining to do.

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I’ve been racking my brain all night trying to figure out what to say in this post. Because I want to make another post someday soon! I guess I procrastinated a bit in between online shopping and listening to numerous artists on youtube’s triple j like a version videos. So now I have Agnes Obel softly playing on Spotify in the background and I am ready for a chat. This topic came to me whilst in church today and now I think I contain the knowledge to elaborate on this thought that has been churning in my brain since morning…..

Why do we do the things that we do? 

Because honestly we are only humans. We all do some very stupid, crazy or incredibly-stuffed-up-things in our lives. Life isn’t perfect and we all constantly chase our tails in the attempt to make it ‘picture perfect’. As much as that would suit your lifestyle, it’s not the way life likes to roll. Don’t worry cherub as long as ice-cream and rich double-decked cake is still available in the local Woolworth’s stores than you should be sweet!

See, look what you’ve made me do! Now I’m elapsing into the scrumptious discussion of all naughty foods which are very bad for you (just as a treat though 😉 ) ….and I’m procrastinating once again. I’ve come so far!! OKAY, now we are hopping on the one-way train and getting back on track. I have just been thinking about all of the wonderful or not so wonderful, positive or negative, kind-hearted or green with jealously, sarcastic or serious; or however you want to contrast or juxtapose it for that matter. All these things that have the ability to make or break the relationships we form with each other. Isn’t the human mind interesting…Full of so much knowledge as is very fond of quickly skipping ahead of itself and simultaneously linking to your mouth which says something most likely you’ll regret. Before you know it there is cold-shoulders and a lot of explaining to do. Maybe I’m making this too extravagant now. Has any of you ever had a really good friendship with someone and then the next day they are ditching you for something else. I don’t understand how people can be so mean. So I’ve comprised a list of things in order to try and answer why they are.

Elly-Grace’s List of why people are often mean when there is absolutely no need to be.

1. My mum has always said that it was just out of jealously. But I would look at my life and see it as nothing for another person to be jealous about. However, I had forgotten about the amazing family that I’ve been blessed with and how that person might not have a good relationship with their parents. Or maybe they are constantly trying to copy the way I dress, or wanting the lifestyle that I have? I don’t understand why it is so hard for everyone to just embrace what they have and try to use what they have to get by in this life. But jealously might be their issue…

2. They don’t know any better. Possibly they could have grown up in a different type of household which doesn’t really cater in the rulebook of niceness. Or they could have been treated poorly by others which provokes them to treat you no different. I’ve never understood how that works because obviously they know what it feels like to be in the position they are putting you in. But maybe it’s just an instant reflex thing and they don’t know any better. To them they think backwards, what is bad is good and what is good is bad. Next point please…

3. PMS ….. okay enough said. It shouldn’t really ever be a free excuse but we all (I mean, girls, or I guess it can possibly influence the people around them) tend to get very bitchy during that time of the month. Let’s not go into anymore details. deal? okay.

4. Or just face it, they might not like you. Have you ever thought of that. (I never use the word hate ever when describing a person I don’t have many happy feeling for. I prefer to say strongly dislike – I guess it just sounds better to me)  I’ve had a lot of trouble accepting that not everyone is going to like me, whether I make a funny joke or go along with whatever the latest phase in the crowd might be. And if you can discover that early on in your life I guarantee that life will become much easier.

5. A massive factor is the way people can become influenced by their group and becoming caught up in the hype of the world. What ever the group is doing that person who has just been mean to you is obviously peer pressured into it. It is a very subtle act that the group does. Too mean!

I’m going to wrap this up now as I am tired, it’s getting late (almost midnight here), I haven’t showered yet and still need to catch up on New Girl episodes! Basically if you’re aiming to be mean to someone don’t do it because what comes around will come back around or however that quote goes (wait I think it’s a Justin Timberlake song, oops!) If you are more like the 5th point your group is pressuring you into being mean when you clearly don’t have a mean spirit then don’t give them the authority to control you. You are you’re own person whom can make decisions for yourself. Seriously.

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Elly-Grace -xo


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