Tick tock, Oh my gosh.

Is it because I have a goal to finish the ‘Divergent’ series. Is it the change in the weather. Or the fact that I’ve been watching ’The Voice Australia’ every night because my cousin Isaac is in the competition. Maybe it’s just because I have an overwhelming laziness to write something for ‘myself’ that doesn’t include another creative writing story, feature article or lord help me, analytical exposition. I think that would have to be it indeed. I’m just so swamped with assessments and I feel like my clock has been adjusted to speed up x2 so that I’m left with halved-half-days,-  that’s ‘less than half’ for people who don’t understand that analogy. I don’t know why I feel like everyday time is dramatically escaping from my sight! I don’t have a job, social life or any extra-curricular activities to attend to!

So why is it that I feel like every time I check the clock it’s skipped 3 hours ahead when I felt like 3 minutes had pasted?
One word: 


‘Our greatest enemy’

We all do it! Come on, fess up…Admit it! Does it make you feel better to admit it if I tell you we wouldn’t be classified as Human if we didn’t. Well I guess some people just have those ‘procrastination-skills’ as they matrix their way through the simple life of a life un-procrastinfiyed. Or however else they can be classified. But let us not draw attention to those people because it’s just unfair that the other 99% of humans who do procrastinate on a daily basis.

Elly’s 3 Tips to reduce your procrastination:

1) Not everything has to be neat and tidy before you start doing some damn work! > You do not have to go around frantically cleaning your house/bedroom/desk/school bag/to-do list/ as though the Queen is coming to town to see you! I know what you want to say, “Oh but I need to make sure my workspace is clean and tidy to start my assignments/study on”– and trust me I completely know what you mean. I know that it isn’t possible to try and start an assignment if your mind is filled with clutter as you stare at the untidiness of your room. So go ahead and clean if you must! Just don’t let time get the better of you where you replace 3 minutes for 3 hours upon the discovery of old primary school photos as you take time to pause and reflect.

2) You don’t need to go on a snack break every 0.5 seconds! > It’s a hard one but it’s true. Don’t do it! You’ll not only start to form bad habits of needing a drink or snack every time you sit down to your desk, but a trip to the kitchen might mean a glance at the T.V which will entice you to seize all forms of school work! And lone-behold, before you know it you’re trapped waiting for your favourite show to appear! Which might evidently mean watching for a good few hours! You’ll forget what you were mean to be doing in the first place!

3) Don’t randomly call friends or begin a new text message channelling your inner grade six self…..

Elly: ‘Hey’
Jane: ‘Sup?’
Elly: ‘Nm, you?’
Jane: ‘Yeah me nethier. How’s school?’
Elly: ‘So bad, so much work to do. Not enough time’

Well maybe if you got off your bloody phone you’d have enough time!! Did you ever think about that? Well, perhaps you should take a minute to think about it now. Do you understand my drift, readers? Or have I lost you because the ‘no-phone-deal’ is too big of a thing for you to give up!

Anyways, so here I am, a classic example of one who procrastinates too much as I currently should be working on my Film and Tv assignment. Oops!

So I guess all those points were not only for you guys, but also for myself! Who woulda thought eh!

Jane: ‘K kool gtg ttyl bye x’


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