Tortoise and The Hare

Don’t we all love an ole folk tale? What about our friendly, inquisitive Tortoise and the lazy, perhaps too confident Hare? As Australians we feel the need to rejoice with the underdog or in this instance, under-tortoise. The one who eventually is crowned the champion over all others. However, is it possible to change the game play so that it is how we get through life which is the main accomplishment? Whilst the Hare is slacking off the Tortoise creeps in and steals first place. But what if both animals had helped each other along the way? What if getting to the finish line was not a single, boastful victory, but a double effort?

I am going to give three simple points to assue you that the journey of life that we all embark on needs endless support from those who matter most. The ones who assure you that no one is left behind… and in the end, they make the journey so much better!

We are all wide-eyed, flower-powered combie van tourists endeavouring through life splendours. With that being said the first thing to bring in your journey is your camera. A photograph allows you to appreciate the beauty of the land and reminds you that it’s okay to feel a little nostalgic at times. It also helps us cherish just how far you’ve come along your life journey, and this is a good thing to recognise. So rid your cupboard for your dust ridden Nikon camera and pack your lenses to enjoy and bask in this incredible world.

The second point is to remember that there will be many roadblocks restricting your travel path. Not everyday will bear a rainbow of cultured hues. Just a few weeks ago my family suffered the tragic loss of the sudden death of my aunty. Now that’s a huge detour on a road which appeared so accurately mapped out. However roadblocks are only put in your way because they test and determine how strong you really are. During the depths of this time I had to stand up and be the support group and comforter for my extended family and as clichéd as it sounds, a shoulder to lean on. Through this horrific loss my family and I made sure that nobody was left behind in the race. We made sure that nobody was alone.

You must have a clear and concise vision for your future. Even if the road is filled with layers of morning or afternoon fog, roadblocks, detours or traffic jams. Without a camera you won’t enjoy the feelings of nostalgia and adventure bound escapes. Without roadblocks you won’t know the strength that you contain, yet without a clear vision in your mind the future will appear more faded than it already seems. We all have the immense potential for the long endurance ahead. However, we all need someone along that journey to see the amazing things in store too!

We need to modify the legendary folk tale… a lot! We need to change the way the lethargic Hare leaves the Tortoise running for himself. We need to be there for each other through thick and thing, sickness and health, unexpected crisis or moments of gladness. We need to make sure that the Hare is not left behind and that the Tortoise is always by his side… Getting there together.

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