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It’s that nostalgic time of the year again! Everyone is heading off on some sort of holiday as a quick fix for the Australia winter. The only way to beat this is to talk about it with a fellow blogger who knows first hand the impact that travel has on your soul.

So, I’ve teamed up with Karla from to do a three post series on our travel experiences. Karla is a fellow travel lover who dreams of cobble-stone winding alleyways with hidden gelato and pizza shops. is a lifestyle, travel, & fashion blog for the everyday 20-something. You can check out Karla’s Q&A answers HERE.

E: Where have you travelled?

Greece, Thailand, England and Ireland. I have also travelled extensively through Australia.

E: Describe your travelling style- are you a laid back, or high maintenance traveller?

I’m actually a super laid back traveller in terms of the preparation before travel and also during. I like to be organised (insurance, printed tickets, travel journal and scanned passport – oh yes I just reminded myself to do that!)

E: Favourite spot, why?

This is a very difficult question to answer. I would pin my grandfather’s home island Kythira, Greece as being my favourite spot to travel. There is something ridiculously refreshing about living the island lifestyle, even just for a few months. Plus you get an amazing tan in the meantime.

E: What’s been your worst or scariest experience travelling?’

I’ve never had a moment whilst travelling where I have been generally scared in terms of the area that I was in. I like to think that I am very streetwise and my observation skills are on point. Even thinking back to that time when I had to walk from my friend’s house in Athens suburbia to the train station at 4:30am, I wasn’t scared at all.

When I almost ran out of money the day I spontaneously booked a ferry to Ireland from Wales, well that was kinda scary. See more here. 

When I actually ran out of money the day my friends left me in Galway. That was scary but was my strongest lesson in faith to date. I wouldn’t change that experience for anything.

E: Best travel memory?

There’s been some quality ones. I appreciate everything just that little bit more when I’m immersed in a different surrounding. I would have to say, The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland. Incredible place, I spent all day exploring them.


E: Why do you think people crave overseas adventures?

People crave overseas adventures because they need the chance to step out of their own world even for a fraction of time. We all can admit that travelling makes us feel alive; it gives an adrenaline rush when nothing else can satisfy that. It’s also an opportunity which allows other people to look at us and say, “Wow, they are doing something with their time!”.

E: Do you prefer solo or group travel?

SOLO SOLO SOLO. Always. You make the rules on where you want to go next, what you want to eat and whom you want to see. But it all depends on how you live your life usually. If you are constantly around people and need some down time than ‘solo’ travel is ideal. Because you already know how to involve yourself in social circles at home, it won’t be hard for you to meet people when your travelling.

E: Whats your favourite food you’ve tried overseas?

When I was working at a restaurant in England we had a baked Camembert dish with rustic bread. Oh my word it was divine! I know you can probably get that dish anywhere in the world but there was just something about it which made me so content right there in the moment. Maybe because I was in the English countryside.


E: What blogs most inspire you to travel?

YouTube is actually the biggest platform of social media inspiration when it comes to travel. I follow Casey Neistat and Jerome Jarre. They are both ridiculously inspirational and they share their experiences in a special way. I also find it very refreshing how their success was not done overnight.

E: Favourite quote about travel? 

‘It is what it is’ – that quote definitely speaks for itself. I believe whatever you encounter whilst travelling you should embrace the fact that the moment you are in will never repeat itself.

I wrote a blog post about it here. 

E: Travel agent V solo booking- what’s your preference & why?

Travel agent on this one. I’ve never booked solo before. I’ll usually purchase my travel insurance solo but in terms of connecting flights, making sure you can get out of silly situations and general flight enquiries it’s important to have a flight agent to lean on. I changed my flight twice times last year and it was so much easier just to swing my agent an email so she/he could deal with it. Definitely takes the stress off you when you’re travelling solo. I have a really cool friend who always does solo booking and she is the master of finding cheap flights. She’s also older than me and therefore definitely braver. I salute you Alethea.

E: What’s your one “must take” item?

Ooooh, I always feel like I take too much technology when I’m travelling but because of blogging it’s unfortunately something I have to do. My must take item would be my journal. I use a different journal for every trip that I go on.

E: What’s your ideal travelling outfit?

I’m always casually dressed when I’m travelling. Comfort is key both during transit and just in order to have a decent time. You don’t want to be complaining about your shoes that might be the ‘current trend’ back home, do not fit the scene when you’re overlooking the Ancient Acropolis in Athens. It’s a waste of breath to complain about anything at all when you’re travelling- once again referring back to, ‘It is what it is’.


E: When abroad, what do you collect most of?

I collect a lot of things- but mainly postcards & key-rings! I was almost heartbroken when I lost my handbag last year after one too many drinks with the boys in UK. In the morning I thought I had left my bunch of collected key-rings on the bag. Turns out a wiser (more sober) Elly had taken the key-rings off her bag BEFORE heading out.

E: Where is your next travel destination?

Well, I can’t say no to a Greek summer.

Don’t forget to check out Karla’s Q&A answers HERE or visit her on social media below.

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