Broke Uni Students Guide To Brisbane Nightlife

Brisbane nightlife holds so much potential. However, most people would associate the words ‘Uni student’ with a poor soul most likely laying on the floor procrastinating their assessment load in between sporadic bursts of tears and eating two minute noodles. Let’s be real here, we are most likely all broke or going to be if we buy another Acai bowl for $12… seriously, I refuse. There’s one thing that’s certain though, and it’s that we love spending as much time out of the house as possible.

Who should read this?

Any broke af uni students looking to change their usual routines when it comes to going out in Bris-vegas (lol, no, never say that). Obviously if you are not over 18 then just don’t drink- simple, and you’ll save even more. Oh young ones enjoy your lemon, lime and bitters (secretly I want to be you).

Why should you read this?

Frankly, I’m excited to see as Brisbane nightlife begins to emerge and turn into a really groovy place to live. And you should be too.

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Let’s get into it!



Where: Boundary Street, West End. Kick onto The Fox Hotel for a rooftop Sunday sesh. (Within walking distance from West End)

Drink:  Locally brewed beers @ Brisbane Brewing Co.  Get the bartenders to give you a taste of a selection of different beers. Roughly $6 for a pot of beer.

Eat:  The Burrow – They are moving to a new location soon. Recommended* The Poutine chips $15 and Bad Mutherfungi Pizza $22.5

Est. total cost:  $20-30




Where:  Vulture Street, West End

Drink: Head down to your local bottl-o and pick up a cheap bottle of wine. Hot Tip* Check for how many standard drinks are in the bottle. Don’t* buy a $5 bottle of wine expecting it to be good. #regrets

Eat: Huong’s BYO restaurant. Thai green curry with coconut rice is to die for!

Dance:  If you want to feel like you’re overseas again then hit up Down Under Bar & Grill (Dunders Backpackers Bar). And yes, before you ask, it most definitely is pumping on a Monday night. Can’t go wrong with $6 mixers and $12 beer jugs

Est. total cost:  $10-20


Where: IMAX Theatre, Southbank. Budget Student Tuesdays Cost: $5.50

Drink:  The Charming Squire  Pretty chilled atmosphere with live music pumping most nights. Plus it’s filled with lots of attractive men in business suits having drinks after work. It’s also filled with tradies too…you decide.

Est. total cost:  $14-20



Where:  Strike Bowling, Wintergarden Brisbane CBD. $15 unlimited activites upon presenting student ID.

Drink:  R.E (Royal Exchange) uni night. Don’t get too messy for your Thursday classes though.

Est. total cost:   $20



Where:  Fortitude Valley

Eat & drink:  Beach Burrito Company. Grab two tacos plus a beer or glass of sangria for only $10

Dance:  Birdee’s or Free Salsa dancing at Cloudland every week

Est. total cost:  $10-15




Where: Brisbane CBD

Eat & drink:  Charm Sushi and Bottle shop. Doesn’t look like much from the outside but this place is so rad. You can pick up a huge feed for less than $10. They have a bottle shop attached at the back. While you order the food your friend can go pick out a bottle of wine. It’s a win/win situation. $1 shots at the counter as well…be careful young ones.

Dance: Brisbane Square holds free salsa dancing until 11pm or Friday’s Riverside on Eagle Street… and if you’re game, head back to Dunders.

Est. total cost:  $20


Saturday is a wild card in my books. You’ll always find something to do on a Saturday night. The Valley is the most common place to go. There are also some cheap $30 live concerts you can go to at the Tivoli, Triffd (Newstead) or The Brightside. 

Est. total cost: Expect to lose a lot of money on a Saturday night. Hot tip* Don’t take your cards with you, just a selective amount of cash.

Hopefully this list has helped you in some way. I know for a fact as a desperate uni student I seek more exciting things than my usual hang out spots.

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Go out, party hard but make sure you stay safe.

**Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of these companies to post on their behalf. Just wanted to share my experiences of Brisbane nightlife** 

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