What will be #1???

With Australia day just after the weekend the thought that will cross everyone’s minds is…. “What will the number 1 song of 2014 be on Triple J’s annual Hottest 100 countdown”.

I have conducted a list of ‘possible’ songs that will make it to the top 10 at least… It was a very rushed list and this is not an indication of what songs I voted for.

Select 3 choices 🙂


However you choose to spend Australia Day, whether it be a BBQ / Pool party at a friends, family gatho’s or a quiet one in side whilst the rain violently hits the window (which will most likely be how I spend Aus day due to the forecast) I hope you have a wonderful day! Be thankful and proud that you are Australian and live in a blessed country!

Lots of Love,

xx Elly-Grace

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