Where has she been?! Part two

I apologise AGAIN for my increased absence over the past weeks. So much has happened since our last words so let me quickly re-cap your minds on my whereabouts. 

1. 3 weeks of holidays where my family and I adventured in our car all the way from the Sunshine Coast to Uluru aiming to see what this big fuss about the a gigantic rock was all about! Starting down South through NSW and across to SA and Coober Pedy we eventually reached our destination. Such an amazing experience! Before walking 10.5km around the Base of Uluru we visited the Cultural Centre to learn about the Aboriginals connection with the land our feet were touching.

Tony Tjamiwa (a member of the board) quotes that tourists shouldn’t climb Uluru as it is “Really important [and] sacred …[and] It’s not the real thing about this place. The real thing is listening to everything. Listening and understanding everything. We are informing you: don’t climb. And maybe that makes you a bit sad. But anyway, that’s what we have to say. And all the tourists will brighten up and say: “Oh I see, this is the right way. This is the proper way: no climbing”

This piece of writing really resonated through me as I signed the book that I would not climb Uluru. Not out of a fear of falling, I generally would climb it if it wasn’t of the utmost importance to the Aboriginals and their connection with the land, I would enjoy the view and it would give such an adrenaline rush! But my commitment to not climb it was final and instead when embarking the base walk the following day I would take Tony’s words and put them into actions. “Listening [to nature] and Understanding” the atmosphere the Aboriginals managed to create in such a beautiful place where their divine substantial needs were met.


2. Then I had to go back to reality

And unfortunately my reality was school… So there’s not much to explain about that just the fact that I’ve lost my motivation for term 4 but I cleaned my room FULLY last night so I’m hoping that has sparked a trigger in my brain to stop watching movies and start working. Fortunately I was able to focus for 30 minutes to get some English homework last night so obviously my theory of ‘clear desk means a clear mind’ worked! Even if only for a little while.

3. Then I got sick…. and that was actually awful but lovely to just relax on my bed for 4 days straight before the assessments decided to drown me like Ophelia in Hamlet.

You are now up to speed with the last few weeks of my life. Obviously the holidays completely dominate both school and sickness. However with 27 days left of school to go I can already smell the freedom of a wonderful summer filled with beach adventures and relaxation, boy am I excited!

So I choose to finish this term the best I can even with all the noise in my brain confusing me into what I am going to possible choose to do next year… scary thought hey… I only learnt how to cook pasta the other day and I’m supposed to be 18 next year, oh hell no I’m not ready for bills just yet.

I promise I will have something inspiring for my next post! PINKY PROMISE

Lotsa love sweethearts, xx- e

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