Where has she been?!

Oh hello there stranger, 

I personally apologise as I feel terribly sorry for my absence. Being M.I.A for over 3 weeks has been awful- in fact, so much has happened! Firstly, it is now spring time and my mother bought me with a bunch of flowers before my QCS exams last week, bless her soul. Secondly, as mentioned already I have successfully completed the ‘pinnacle of grade 12’ as they say, ‘the test that determine’s your life’, so to speak. I still got stressed over it but had to keep remind myself to think positive thoughts and that my future is most definitely not reliant on one test- that is just the easiest way to get into University. So anyways, I made it past those two days and handed in the 3 assignments due immediately after QCS test days. Then I fell into exam block this week which I enjoyed so much because I only had a total of 3 exams! Ahhh bliss!

This post is basically a little recap of where I have been and what I have been doing- all school work and no play, sorry everyone it hasn’t been a very exciting few weeks for Elly. I’ve honestly been trying soo super hard and I’m just praying that the results I receive back are a reflection of this.

In other news, I am heading off on a 3 week road trip to Uluru (yes, that big rock in the middle of Australia!). It is going to be such a long driving expedition but my father has organised it all by himself so we have to give him some grace. I am rather excited to ‘actually get there eventually’, but my dad keeps reminding me of that clichèd, “It’s about the journey not the destination…” saying. So therefore I will be blogging heaps, taking so many photos (I have my SLR, x2 Disposable cameras and iPhone readily available for the perfect shot!). I love documenting my trips or events that happen in my life (hence this blog) and also hence the 3 to 4 full books laden with cleverly crafted writings from my trip to Greece, Thailand and my time at boarding school. Writing experiences down helps you to remember the emotions and feelings of that trip- maybe that’s something you could think about doing?

I hope to one day be able to travel the world telling others stories- oh how that would be a dream, there is some inspiring people full of amazing stories out in the big wide world!

That is all from me today lovelies! You will here back from me in about a few days once I get on the road and feel inspired to write again.

X-X-X e

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