// “Yeah so far it’s alright, alright.. baby //

I always seem to allow the titles of my blogposts to not only have relevancy to an event or situation that has occurred, but to also to link to a message. So hopefully this will help all recent grade 12 graduates who feel like their life is at a stand still right now. You feel like if your life was a movie it has just been paused without any indication as to why (and it’s not cause you have to go make popcorn). And it’s frustrating because your in a desperate search for a miracle to move you in the right direction.

If you are not following me on Instagram or we aren’t Facebook friends that you would not know that I recently went to The 1975 concert in Brisbane. (Photos below) I promise this is appropriate towards my message! Honestly this UK originated band are incredible! The mosh pit was crazy hot and sweaty but I would go back in a heart beat. Concerts make you feel so alive! Anyways, in one of their songs called ‘So Far (It’s Alright)’ hardly anyone in the crowd knew all of the words until the one lined chorus came on saying “Yeah so far it’s alright, alright.. baby”. Needless to say 40 seconds into the song it became the only line our voices synchronised too.

Late last night I was on the phone and out of the blue I kinda started panicking about what I am supposed to do this year. I got so overwhelmed that I was almost crying (not going to lie I actually had a few tears and a lot of silence before my friend was like “Wooh –  Elz calm down, are you alright?”).

Maybe it was because it was close to midnight or maybe because I was sitting outside on the road being reckless (something I tend to do a lot to get the best view of the nights sky) or maybe because I’m yet to find what I am passionate about that will lead me in some direction.

Perhaps I’m too dramatic, but I swear most teenagers are!!

Both of these circumstances got me thinking about how we can sing lyrics to a song which promise that everything will be alright, yet when we don’t feel alright we tend to fall into a ball of overwhelming anxiety of the unknown. I’ve found that the most common phrase that someone will ask is “Are you alright?”, with about 70% of the time I am not, 30% is me lying.  

But I know It is going to be alright and I must keep reminding myself of this daily. It’s a constant 24/7 struggle between positive and negative thoughts and I need moments like these to pull me back to Earth and the amazing purpose that my life has!

So this is just something I have been thinking about in the past 24 hours and I hope it can speak to you in some way or another. Feel free to share this post on any social media outlet.

Much love to all bloggers/ followers/ randoms who stumbled across DIVF.


The 1975 / Brisbane RNA Showgrounds The Marquee / 18/01/15
The 1975 / Brisbane RNA Showgrounds The Marquee / 18/01/15 

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