You better NOT lose yourself

Why hello,

Although I admire Eminem and appreciate the lyrics to his top song ‘Lose Yourself’ I’m going to take it from a different perspective. For all those music literate people you will understand that Eminem’s song talks about grasping a hold of a moment. A moment which grants you the ability to lose yourself in it.

Nobody likes a fake person, I’ve met a few of them actually. When I mean fake, I mean that they were just talking themselves up as someone they clearly haven’t reached yet…

I’m not to sure how you guys feel about this but I would rather be real. The real, original, authentic Elly-Grace…

Because it’s true, nobody else is in your skin- it’s just you- isn’t that just wonderful?!! Just stop for a moment (even lose yourself Eminem style in this very moment right now) because how you look, how you talk, act, laugh, the moment someone says your name, the side you fall asleep best on at night, the way you start your morning or end your night, if you prefer tea or coffee, meat or no meat. Whether you’re sarcastic or not, quiet or loud, reserved or outgoing… all of these simple details make up your individual characteristics. And nobody should make you feel like you have to change these things about yourself.

And if a nobody who thinks they are somebody makes you feel like you need to change then you must stay grounded. When you feel yourself slipping from who you are you must regain balance again. Head back to a happy place whether it be literally moving yourself or just a space, the refreshment sanctuary of your mind… if there is such a thing – If so, I am to reach that blissful place. hahaha!

Here’s why you must remain yourself. Because once you begin acting quiet instead of being your normal loud volume, or rude when you are actually the kindest person on earth, then your fake clone becomes a lie of your normal self…and others begin to accept that lie.

Goodnight lovers – x

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